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  • More protein
  • Less sugar
  • Lactose free
  • Ultra filtered
  • No artificial growth hormones

Northwest Dairy Commitment

  • Local family farms since 1918
  • No artificial growth hormones
  • Greenhouse gas neutral by 2050
  • Simple ingredients
  • Always delicious
glass of chocolate milk

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Everyone in the family likes this milk and it adds protein to their diets! Win-win!!
I love this milk for the extra protein especially. It’s become my favorite pick.
Darigold FIT Consumer
I love this! I only buy Darigold FIT now because it has the most protein and tastes great. This is good either whole or 2% !
Gulp...guzzle....Delish... I love chocolate milk. And this is just as yummy and rich as their regular with more health benefits and less calories.
This is my favorite chocolate milk. Love that it is lactose free, low sugar, and has 14g of protein.

Great taste the whole family loves.

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