More Goodness in Every Glass

Farm-fresh milk passes through ultra-fine filters to concentrate protein and reduce sugar.  An enzyme breaks down the lactose.  The result is delicious milk with more protein, less sugar and zero lactose.


What is Darigold FIT?

Darigold FIT is ultra-filtered milk with more protein and less sugar than regular milk.  At Darigold, we believe in the unlimited power of milk to provide you and your family with the nutrition you want.

How is Darigold FIT used?

Darigold FIT can be used the same way as you already use milk.  Use it to give a bowl of cereal an extra boost of protein or drink a refreshing glass on its own.

Where does Darigold FIT come from?

Darigold FIT comes from family-owned farms in the Northwest.  Cows thrive in our naturally animal-friendly environment, where the air is clean, the soil rich and the water pure. The Northwest’s comfortable climate and ample rainfall support both the delicious dairy of our farms and the abundant harvests of our neighbors’ orchards, fields and vineyards.

Great taste the whole family loves.

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